05.06.1311:15 AM ET

Priest Suspended for Speaking Out

Considers exile after exposing sex abuse in Uganda.

Anthony Musaala, a well-known priest in Uganda, has been suspended by the archbishop of Kampala for speaking out about sex abuse in African churches. In March, the Los Angeles Times reports, Musaala wrote a letter to the archbishop about priests who father children, keep secret wives or abuse minors, and called for a debate about clerical marriage. He himself, he wrote, had been a victim, when he was abused by Catholic brothers at his boarding school. “The Vatican turns a blind eye because it doesn’t want to be embarrassed about this blooming church. But I think it’s time we had the truth,” Musaala told the Times. The reaction has been furious, and not just by the church hierarchy. Many Catholics in Africa believe sex abuse is a Western phenomenon and that the church in the subcontinent is more pure than in the United States or Europe. Newspapers have smeared Musaala as a devil worshipper merely posing as a priest. Worried about mob violence, he’s considering going into exile.