05.07.134:10 PM ET

Bloody Woman Shooting Target for Sale

Online petition in works to remove ‘The Ex’ from Amazon.

You can now own a gun-target mannequin of a scantily clad woman named “The Ex”— complete with blank, dead eyes and a ripped tank top—for only $89.95. When shot, she “bleeds” from her nose down to her gratuitous cleavage. An online petition blasts the manufacturer, Zombie Industries, for turning “violence against women into a joke” and invites people to send a message to Amazon demanding they remove it from the site. A quick search shows that the mannequin’s page is currently unavailable. Still not offended enough? Zombie Industries also makes a target that looks like President Obama, which was on display at the most recent NRA convention. The company commented: “Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental.”