05.07.132:37 PM ET

Is Your Lipstick Toxic?

Lead, cadmium, and other metals found.

Maybe your mother was wrong and lipstick is not exactly the best route to go. Researchers have found in a new study that common lipsticks contain several toxic metals, including lead and cadmium—and women who wear only a small amount of lipstick could be exposed to 20 percent more than considered safe for drinking of several metals. That’s just for women who put lipstick on two to three times a day; women who put it on 14 times a day or more met or surpassed the amount of chromium, aluminum, and manganese. Lead was detected in 75 percent of all the samples. The best brands to avoid heavy metal intake were Wet ‘n Wild, Bobbi Brown, and Shiseido, while Maybelline’s Color Sensational (#125 Pink Petal) had the most lead.