05.07.1311:50 AM ET

Ohio Suspect’s Son Wrote About Kidnapping

In local paper.

This is just strange. The son of Ariel Castro, one of three brothers arrested in connection with the kidnapping of three women in Ohio, had written for a local paper about the kidnapping of Gina DeJesus, now 23. Known as Anthony, the younger Ariel Castro was a journalism student at Bowling Green State University when he wrote a piece for the Plain Press in Cleveland about DeJesus, just weeks after she disappeared at age 14 in 2004. The Plain Press editor, Chuck Hoven, confirmed that Castro had been writing the assignment as a college assignment. “This is beyond comprehension,” Anthony Castro, now 31, told WKYC-TV in Cleveland. “I’m truly stunned right now.” DeJesus was discovered at the house where Castro lived, along with Amanda Berry, now 27 and missing since 2004, as well as Michele Knight, now 32 and missing since 2000.