05.07.131:57 PM ET

Tabloids Only Describe Women as ‘Crazy’

25 women get dozens of covers. Three men get same treatment, one time each.

So who says women aren’t judged more harshly for their actions? An informal look at some of the country’s tabloids show that women are frequently designated as “crazy” or having some kind of breakdown, while men very rarely get the same coverage. In two years, Demi Moore has had eight covers describe her in some kind of “desperate spiral,” while Kim Kardashian and Amanda Bynes have had three apiece, more than 20 more women have had one or more covers. As for men, Tom Cruise has had one cover describing him as crazy, but it was in respect to Scientology, and Prince Harry has been called a “Problem Child.” The only man to get the similar treatment is Russell Brand, called a “crazy man” in his relationship with Katy Perry.