05.08.134:32 PM ET

Mom+Social Event Connects Mothers

JLo among those who led discussions on global change.

Moms tweet, text, pin, and share—and they increasingly use social media to influence social change. The Mom+Social event, held at the 92Y in New York, delved into the ways social media affects motherhood around the world. Social-media use for moms has skyrocketed—in fact, moms use Facebook more than the general public, said Linda Murray of BabyCenter.

Jennifer Lopez and her sister Lynda spoke about their Lopez Family Foundation, which enables doctors to share medical information via telemedicine. “Women are so powerful when we get together,” she said. Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani said that even though girls are using so much social media and technology, the number of them pursuing computer science as a career is actually dwindling. She is running for New York City public advocate—although she labeled herself a “change agent,” not a politician—because there are not enough women in politics to actually bring about structural changes. Particularly poignant was surprise speaker Robbie Parker’s perspective on fatherhood. He tragically lost his daughter, Emily, in the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings. A neonatal physician, Parker encouraged parents to relish every single day with their children, since sometimes their protection is not guaranteed.

Many participants repeated the idea that all moms, no matter where they live, all want the same thing: the best for their children. The hashtag for the event sums it up nicely: #GlobalMom.