05.08.134:45 AM ET

‘One Good Egg’: An Author’s Quest for Motherhood

Suzy Becker’s charming illustrated memoir charts her decision to try for a child as a single 39-year-old woman.

In her charming new illustrated memoir One Good Egg, Suzy Becker, author of the much-beloved All I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat, traces her journey: that of a single woman deciding to have a baby alone at 39 through fertility treatments, finding a father, falling in love with her dear friend Lorene, and the quest to build a new family. In the chapter excerpted below, Becker and Lorene go on the wild rollercoaster of hope, despair, and hope again as they try IVF for the first time.

Excerpted from One Good Egg: An Illustrated Memoir by Suzy Becker (Bloomsbury, 2013)