05.08.133:53 PM ET

Skinny Cow Coins Term: ‘WoCave’

Ladies’ version of “man caves” promotes stress eating, some say.

There’s something kind of appealing about the idea of getting together with a few of your closest gal pals, loading up that Netflix instant queue and indulging in calorie-dense deliciousness. A new campaign from dessert brand Skinny Cow promotes a sweepstakes in which winners have the opportunity to win up to $10,000 to create the “WoCave” of their dreams. What is a WoCave, you might ask? Skinny Cow defines it as a "woman cave" or "lady lair" where the ladies can hang with their BFFs, unwrap some ice cream sandwiches and read gossip magazines. This is obviously a play on the old “man cave” concept, but Margaret Wheeler of HuffPost takes issue with this idea of gendered escapism by saying the promotion is praying on both women’s tendencies to stress eat and their desire to lose weight.