05.08.1311:12 AM ET

This Is a Man’s World: Female Artists on the Music Business

Still report sexism, media bias.

It takes a tough cookie to be a woman in the music biz. From frequent come-ons to condescending scrutiny to being mistaken for a groupie, female musicians in every genre have faced some sort of sexism in their careers. Seven female musicians opened up to BuzzFeed about their experiences of trying to make it in the good ol’ boys club. Caroline Polachek of the band Chairlift explained:

Music has been a very difficult terrain for women to do anything but be pretty puppets in, or finely tuned instruments for male hands, at best, and I feel very indebted to the few decades of badasses that came before me and turned shit on its head and made it an accessible playing field.

With all the evolution and openness to experimental sounds going on in music now, hopefully attitudes toward the artists themselves will change, too. Trailblazers like Joan Jett and Aretha Franklin were among some of the women that used their sexuality to kick ass and demand R-E-S-P-E-C-T. At the end of the day, their obstacles made them better musicians and showed the world that they are truly great at what they do—making music!