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05.08.133:27 PM ET

Warren Buffet on Female Disadvantage & More Business Reads

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In Warren Buffet's treatise for Fortune magazine, the mogul argues that, since its birth, half of the country's talent has been underutilized. "Despite the inspiring 'all men are created equal' assertion in the Declaration of Independence, male supremacy quickly became enshrined in the Constitution," he writes. Buffet reaches into his own life, discussing how his sisters were never expected to reach the levels of career success he was. "Now, thank heavens, the structural barriers for women are falling," he says, and winds down with this compelling question to employeers: "If obvious benefits flow from helping the male component of the workforce achieve its potential, why in the world wouldn't you want to include its counterpart?"

Warren Buffett is bullish ... on women (Fortune via CNN Money)

Marillyn Hewson, is renowned for her warmth as a leader–perhaps a surprising quality for the head of  Lockheed Martin. The CEO, who has been at the defense company for 30 years, came in at No. 19 on Fortune's Most Powerful Women list last year, and in January took on her 20th, and current, role at the company. While Hewson's personal chaleur be the typical profile of a top defense head, coworkers praise her backbone and opinionated leadership. Clearly, she's doing something right.

Lockheed's secret weapon (Fortune via CNN Money)