F For Effort

05.09.1312:51 PM ET

Cheating Goes Unpenalized at Barnard

Professors may have been too trusting of their students.

By all accounts, Major English Texts II was a safe haven for cheaters—until this week. The students suddenly faced a stricter test than the usual grade-your-partner, talk-to-neighbors quizzes to which they had become accustomed. When it came out that many were cheating—indeed, some had offered to bribe student graders for better results—the prestigious women’s college found itself in a pickle. Instead of punishing those who had abused the lax nature of the course, the college chose to restructure its size and format, taking a preventive rather than punitive route. “I think the way the class is run is conducive to cheating,” one senior told The New York Times, “so I’m not surprised.”