Movers and shakers

05.10.1312:21 PM ET

Forbes Hosts Power Redefined Women's Summit

Janet Napolitano, Mandy Moore, Gayle King among speakers at Forbes conference.

“We don’t need makeovers; we need to make the world better!” declared Maggie Doyne, a 26-year-old who runs an orphanage and school in Nepal and is the legal guardian of 40 children, to the Forbes Power Redefined Women’s Summit. With a standing ovation from the crowd, Doyne joined leaders from around the world to discuss topics ranging from Twitter to politics and education to underwear. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano encouraged women to become change agents through elected office: “Take the risk and run.” Former Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Susan Hockfield spoke about how girls in  “Generation Why Not?” could change the world by pursuing much-needed careers in science and technology. And singer/humanitarian Mandy Moore talked about her desire to provide children with simple medicines to fight pneumonia, which she said is the number one killer in the developing world. The event showed that multiple generations of women can bring about profound change—and that a little disruption to the status quo is a truly powerful thing.