Not Paying Attention

05.11.136:22 PM ET

Poll: Americans Unconcerned with Gosnell Trial

Despite recent spike in media coverage.

The mass media has struggled with the case of Kermit Gosnell, first paying no attention to the trial of the Philadephia doctor who has been charged with the death of four babies and one adult at his so-called "house of horrors" abortion clinic, then over-compensating for not paying attention after conservatives turned the case into a pro-life cautionary tale. Despite all this, however, the American public has largely ignored the story. A new Gallup poll reveals that not only are most Americans not following the Gosnell trial, the tales from his dirty and deadly practice have not shifted public opinion on abortion in any notable way. In fact, the pollsters report that the Gosnell saga is "one of the least followed news stories Gallup has measured."