05.13.131:55 PM ET

Brides Hit Sandy-Flooded Venue With Lawsuit

When place hasn’t paid back deposits.

Several brides are considering legal action against Bridgewaters, a New York City venue that has been closed in the aftermath of Sandy, for not returning their deposits for weddings that never took place. “In a way, I feel sorry for them, and in a way, I feel they stole my money,” one bride’s mother told the blog DNA Info. “They told us they would pay us back in increments, once a week, [and then] they paid us a few checks, at least one bounced, and then we get nothing and we hear nothing.” Rina Plapler, who is suing Bridgewaters for $4,000 of her $15,000 deposit back for a February wedding that never happened, insists that she only considered a suit as a last resort—since the venue just stopped returning her calls. “First we have to change our entire wedding at the eleventh hour, while they owed us money, and now they just stopped returning responding to us completely.” Meanwhile, a Manhattan judge in January criticized the landlord, the Howard Hughes Corp., for slow-moving repairs.