05.14.1312:07 PM ET

Family Claims British Schoolgirl Murdered for Organs in India

The family of the 8-year-old claims the child died as a result of a mysterious injection while on holiday in India, and that her body returned home without her vital organs.

The parents of a British schoolgirl are claiming that their daughter was murdered in India as part of a gruesome organ-harvesting scheme. The girl, 8-year-old Gurkiren Kaur Loyal, was visiting relatives in India when she was admitted to the hospital for dehydration, her family told the British press. While there, clinic workers allegedly gave her an injection that made the child fall violently ill. She died soon thereafter. When her body was returned to Britian, her parents say they discovered that all her organs were missing. The family says the Indian police have not followed up on the case. Despite having been banned in 1994, a thriving black market for organ harvesting exists in India, where, one doctor admitted, “India’s rich are turning to India’s poor to live longer.”