05.14.138:31 PM ET

Male Baby-sitters Not In High Demand

But it’s time to give boys the lessons of caregiving early.

Did no one read The Baby-sitters’ Club? Remember Logan? It turns out he was pretty progressive for the 1990s. On SmartSitting.com, an agency that pairs families with highly educated sitters, 87 percent of its sitters are female, and another site, Sittercity.com, has 94 of female sitters. Lauren Kay, the founder of Sittercity.com, says that the preference often comes from mothers, who want someone “nurturing” to watch their children. Zach Hughes, 23, a Harvard graduate who loves working as a part-time nanny but admits that he sometimes gets strange looks. “I don’t see a lot of people like me walking around with 6-year-olds in the middle of the day,” Hughes said. But maybe it’s time to drop the stereotype and start embracing male baby-sitters, writes Charlotte Alter in The Wall Street Journal. Think about it: if women truly want to have equal roles at home, they are going to have to start learning the lessons of nurturing early. Nobody wants their sons to turn out like Ross on Friends.