05.16.135:58 PM ET

Fight to Save Woman Goes Global

People use social media to urge authorities in El Salvador to grant abortion.

Authorities in El Salvador denied a pregnant 22-year-old, known only as Beatriz, an abortion to save her life. She has lupus and kidney problems and almost died from a previous pregnancy. Doctors say she will probably die from this birth if she doesn’t get an abortion. Even if she does live, her baby has a condition in which parts of its brain and skull are missing, and doctors say the child will most likely die shortly after birth. But it is illegal to have an abortion in El Salvador for any reason. The United Nations, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and El Salvador’s own health minister all have pleaded with authorities to OK an abortion for Beatriz. But after months of delays and inaction, people are fed up—so they’re using social networks to get the word out, with the hashtag #SaveBeatriz. El Salvador has jailed 628 women since 1998 for having abortions.