05.21.133:23 PM ET

Chicago Teens Accused of Raping Girl, Posting Video on Facebook

One boy has confessed to making the video.

Three Chicago teens were arrested and charged Friday with the rape of a 12-year-old girl in December—and then posting a video of the attack on Facebook. Scandale Fritz, 16, Kenneth Brown, 15, and Justin Applewhite, 16, are being held on held on $900,000 bail, and they were all charged as adults. According to police, the girl had gone to Fritz’s house to talk to him, and he demanded that they have sex. She refused at first, but Brown is said to have had a gun in his pocket, and the boys then allegedly sexually assaulted her and forced her to perform sex acts on them. Fritz also allegedly recorded the sex acts, posted the footage on Facebook, and has reportedly admitted to police that he made the video. It’s not clear why it took so many months before the teens were charged.