05.22.131:30 PM ET

College Women Abusing Alcohol More Than Men

Exceed more than four drinks per day and seven per week.

One jungle juice too many? According to a new study from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, college women are drinking more than their male counterparts. The research showed that more female students exceeded the weekly limit of “low risk” alcohol consumption than male students. This comes after a study done earlier this year at Spain's University of Vigo that found college women are more likely to binge drink than men. The CDC reports 23,000 women and high-school girls die annually from binge drinking. NIAAA sets the limit of low-risk consumption for men at five drinks a day and 14 drinks a week, while four drinks a day and seven drinks a week are considered low risk for women. Men are historically heavier drinkers, but with women closing the gap on abuse, maybe it’s time to bury the old drunk-frat-brother stigma.