05.22.134:30 PM ET

Women Hugging at Work Uncomfortable ... for Men

Encouraged to ‘embrace the handshake’ instead.

Super-awkward hug vs. super-awkward handshake. This is the dilemma posed by tech journalist Shane Snow and the Grindstone’s Ruth Graham in an article talking about the workplace issue of women’s impulses to hug co-workers. According to the two, it is a legitimate problem that creates a certain level of anxiety for other co-workers (specifically male) who don’t know how to respond. They both call on women to “fully embrace the handshake,” but Emma Gray of the Huffington Post calls bull on the whole conundrum: “Is it such an issue that we need to issue a unilateral directive instructing all women to interact with all co-workers in a particular way?” Not what we’d call a “lean In” workplace.