05.23.1312:07 PM ET

New Blog ‘Gender-Flips’ News Articles

To make readers more aware of how media represents women vs. men.

A new Tumblr aims to expose how gender roles are upheld in the news—simply by putting them through a simple rewrite. Flip the News takes articles and changes subjects’ names, gender, or race to make readers more cognizant of potential unbalance. For example, one post about a New York Times profile on Tumblr founder David Karp changes Karp’s name to “Diane” throughout the story. Another headline reads “Marissa Mayer’s Widower Debuts on Philanthropic Stage” instead of the original “Steve Jobs’s Widow Steps Onto Philanthropic Stage.” And with mounting frustration over the mom-centric parenting sections, the blogger flipped a story to focus on why “You Don’t Have to Have Kids to Be a Great Father.” There are only a few posts so far, but we hope the writer keeps up with the experiment!