05.27.1312:36 PM ET

Top Degree-Earning Women More Likely To Stay Home

60 percent of women from prestigious schools work, compared to 68 percent of other women.

Do they teach classes on leaning out at the Ivy League? Women who study at top universities are more likely to opt out of the workforce than women who study at less prestigious schools, according to a study by Vanderbuilt University. Sixty percent of women with bachelor’s degrees from top universities such as Harvard and MIT work full-time, compared to 68 percent of women who studied at other schools. It’s even more stark when broken down by degree, and it’s not English majors who aren’t working. Just a third of women who have a master’s in business administration but did their undergraduate work at a top institution work full-time, compared to two-thirds of other women. Of course, one reason for this might be that women who attend top schools are both more financially well-off beforehand and marry people who have more money.