05.28.136:18 PM ET

Facebook Pledges Stop to Gender-Hate Speech

Viral campaign caught social media giant’s attention.

Turns out a tweet—or 60,000—can spur action. A campaign created by Women, Action and The Media, The Everyday Sexism Project, and activist Soraya Chemaly targeted gender-based hate speech on Facebook using the hashtag #FBRape. Facebook responded as advertisers such as Nissan and Nationwide UK pulled ads that were placed next to pages promoting graphic violence or sexism against women. In a press release on Facebook’s website, the social media behemoth promised to update guidelines and training and to directly speak with women’s groups about their concerns. The #FBRape campaign spurred 60,000 tweets, 5,000 emails, and a coalition of more than 100 women’s movement and social justice organizations.