05.30.1312:17 PM ET

British Fertility Ad Depicts Pregnant 70-Year-Old

Wants to encourage women to have babies earlier.

Ladies, start your baby-making engines. The “Get Britain Fertile” campaign, funded by First Response, unveiled a new ad campaign that attempts to shock women into thinking about their fertility. TV presenter Kate Garraway, 46, who has said she wished she had her kids before she was in her late 30s and early 40s, is made up to look like a pregnant 70-year-old. British women, on average, have their first child at 30, five years later than women in the United States. Most women report they are not concerned about their ability to conceive, and women who needed IVF to become pregnant were surprised. But some have argued this campaign is not effective—and Think Progress has noted that it shames women into not delaying child rearing.