05.30.134:43 PM ET

Polanski and the Pill

How the press—once again—failed to take the director to task.

In case you forgot about Roman Polanski’s woman problem, he’s back with an incendiary comment. At Cannes last weekend for his film Venus in Fur, the director called gender equality “purely idiotic” and blamed it on medicine. “I think that the pill has changed greatly the woman of our times, masculinizing her. I think that it chases away the romance from our lives, and that’s a great pity.” News outlets picked up the ridiculous quote and rehashed his legal history, but that alone is not enough, says RH Reality Check, because “few actually pointed out how sexist and asinine the comments themselves really were.” Yes, the pill changed women’s lives—but for the better, and it’s time to stop excusing opponents of gender equality.