Iron Lady Troubles

05.31.1311:22 AM ET

Julia Gillard Accosted by Sandwiches

In a condescending series of pranks, Australian youngsters have begun hurling food at their prime minister.

For the second time this month, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has visited a school only to have a student fling a “salami snack” at her, as the BBC explained it. A variation on the “Make me a sandwich” meme, incidents like these make light of disbelief in women’s leadership capabilities (remember the guy who asked Hilary Clinton to iron his shirts?). Whether or not it was intended as a gender joke, Gillard took the prank in stride: “Must have thought I was hungry,” she told reporters. For those interested in humiliating male politicians, Katy Waldman at XX Factor advises “throwing a paper towel while shouting, ‘Go kill that bug near the drain!’”