06.03.132:07 PM ET

Liberal Groups Overtake #ExposePP

Started by pro-lifers to draw attention to Live Action video.

Nobody can control a hashtag once it’s out there—which a group of pro-life activists learned the hard way Sunday night. A group of pro-life activists had started using #ExposePP to expose what they believe is the dark underworld of Planned Parenthood. But things didn’t go exactly as they hoped when liberals started using the hashtag to snarkily blame Planned Parenthood for, well, everything under the sun. For example: “PP told me the entrance to Narnia was in their closet & then locked me in, I’m in there, it’s been 4 days, PLEASE SEND HELP! #ExposePP,” read one tweet. Comedians Michael Ian Black and Sarah Silverman also joined in, with the latter tweeting, “Planned Parenthood gave me (an) AIDS (test). #ExposePP.”