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06.03.134:45 AM ET

Ten Bizarre Apps for Women

From pregnancy and periods to virtual boyfriends and beauty meters, these apps make us scratch our heads in wonder.

(1) Coverup

When you gotta go, you gotta go. When you find yourself needing to make less-than-polite noises in a restroom, Coverup camouflages those sounds with effects like running water and blow-dryers—because that’s not weirder than simply making normal human bathroom sounds. Bonus: it disguises your phone screen to look like a makeup compact.


(2) Glow Pregnancy App

Get comfortable with sharing personal details. Even though this app hasn’t launched publicly yet, it allows women to input details about their menstrual cycle and other data to get a fertility-window calculation. If couples don’t get pregnant while using Glow, they can contribute $50 per month for 10 months to a pool that would be split among other couples who aren’t having luck conceiving.


(3) Pimp My Ultrasound/Baby Picture

What could be more moving than seeing your baby’s heart beat for the first time? Probably not taking the ultrasound photo and funneling it through Pimp My Ultrasound. The app lets you decorate your unborn child with backward baseball caps, crowns, drinks, and earrings—and don’t forget to add sayings such as “Baby Rockstar” and “I’m a dirty martini kind of gal. Just like mommy.”


(4) Pink Pad Period Tracker

Apps really can help you track every facet of your life—and we mean everything. The Pink Pad Period Tracker helps you follow period dates, look up symptoms, and ask groups for advice. On a related note, we hope you’re not on this other app, which lets guys track all their ladies’ period dates.


(5) Vanity Beauty Meter

“IPhone, iPhone, who is the fairest of them all?” Vanity Beauty Meter bills itself as the first app to determine how attractive a face is, by evaluating facial structure by its so-called golden ratio. Users can view the Vanity Map to see how they rank around the world and share scores with friends. Sounds like a girl fight waiting to happen.


** FOR USE WITH AP LIFESTYLES ** The home gym of Ira Nathel is shown in this Friday, July 6, 2007 photo.  Nathel, a resident of Old Brookville, N.Y., exercised his options and invested $15,000 in fitness machines, including cardio equipment and rubber flooring recommended and installed by home-gym consultant and retailer Gym Source, to put in a 30-feet-by-30-feet exercise room above the detached garage to his Long Island home earlier this year. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
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(6) Gym Shamer

Would you be more apt to keep your fitness promises if all your friends knew you were dodging the gym? That’s the idea behind Gym Shamer, which theoretically forces its users to exercise by humiliating them. The app records every time you visit the gym via Foursquare check-ins and sends out Facebook and Twitter messages when you decide to stay on the couch eating ice cream instead.


(7) Feel Me

The Feel Me app offers some good vibrations. Even though it’s only at the concept stage, this app lets two users follow where the other person’s finger is on their screen and emits a vibration or sound when both touch the same part of the screen. It’s almost the same as being in the same room as your significant other—almost.


(8) Boyfriend Plus

Who needs a real boyfriend when you can keep a virtual one in your pocket at all times? The Boyfriend Plus app lets users “meet different guys from around the metro” and mold their digital man into Mr. Right. Users can even chat, shop, drink, and kiss with their boyfriends. Beware of racy chats, though—a previous version of the app reportedly had had the digital man calling the user a bitch and regularly making drug references.

A customer compares his black iPhone to a white iPhone at the Apple store on New York's Upper West Side, Thursday, April 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
Richard Drew/AP

(9) Caught in the Act

Suspect your man of cheating? How would you like to hear what your catty co-workers are saying? The Caught in the Act app provides peace of mind—all for a cool 30 bucks. The surveillance application apparently monitors sound, motion, and video to trace those worrisome wanderers.


A view of the Tjornin lake in Reykjavik pictured on Wednesday April. 24. 2013. (AP Photo/Brynjar Gauti)
Brynjar Gauti/AP

(10) Íslendingabók

Chances are, you aren’t one of the 320,000 people living in Iceland. But in case you are, you might want to download this app before going out to mingle at a club or bar. Because most people in the country are distantly related, the app has an “incest prevention” feature that determines whether two people are cousins. The app’s slogan is, “Bump in the app before you bump in the bed.”