06.06.1312:27 PM ET

Are We in the Midst of Another War?

Democrats ready to pounce after spate of negative comments about women.

According to Politico, the war on women has returned. Just this week, Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss blamed military rape on the “hormone level created by nature” in young men, conservative pundit Erick Erickson argued on Fox News that nature has given men the “the dominant role,” and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said that American schools have gone downhill because “Mom is in the workplace.” All of this has both appalled and delighted Democrats, offering them the chance to keep exploiting the gender gap that was so important to President Obama’s reelection. “Democrats and liberal groups are seizing on these comments to reignite their 2012 strategy—rally the base to raise big money and put Republicans back on defense with women voters ahead of the midterm elections,” Politico reported. Female Democratic senators are expected to take the lead. “Part of the advantage of having a large number of women in your caucus is having people who are effective messengers on issues like this,” said one Democratic aide.