Sexual Harassment

06.07.135:00 PM ET

Miniskirt Bans? Try Jail Time For Gropers Instead.

China and other societies need to stop blaming women and start blaming harassers.

This past Monday, the police in Beijing issued a set of travel guidelines for Chinese women who use public transport in an effort to avoid sexual harassment. What the Chinese police don’t recognize, however, is that by issuing a dress code for women on public transportation won’t stop sexual harassers from harassing women. What will stop the sexual harassers? Longer and harsher sentences. According to one Chinese police officer, the maximum punishment for harassment in Beijing is only a measly 15-day detention. So, if China thinks that telling women to wear less tight clothing and no mini skirts, so be it… but the harassment won’t stop until there are harsher punishments for the (mostly) men.