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06.07.1311:44 PM ET

Dieting At A Dangerous Extreme

'Breatharianism' latest in dubious diet fads.

Navenna Shine, a 65-year-old woman from Seattle, stopped eating on May 3, in an attempt to explore breatharianism—the dubious idea that food is unnecessary and that sunlight provides all of the nourishment the body needs. Shine reports that she spends her days confined to a life that revolves around movies, exercise and sleep. She admits that her energy levels have gone down as the weeks have gone on: “Today I found exercise kind of tiring… I need to lie down afterwards, it's like my blood sugar does something,” she wrote on May 31. As of now, she has dropped from 159 to 130 pounds and has lost more than six inches from her stomach.  There are dangers to doing this diet however, and Ms Shine warned of its risks: “Death is usually the outcome of not eating,” she said in an early video.