06.09.1310:48 AM ET

Middleton Likely to Set Her Own Parenting Rules

Her last royal engagement will be Thursday.

What’s next for Kate Middleton? It’s a funny thing, because nobody really knows, despite how much she’s been in the spotlight. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been sparse on the details of how they plan on parenting their baby, with even their immediate plans for after the baby’s birth kept under wraps. One thing is pretty certain: it’s likely that this baby will be raised in a more informal environment than his father—whose own birth was fairly groundbreaking, the first time an heir presumptive was born in a hospital and with his father present at the birth. But William and Catherine make their own rules, right down to her sister Pippa Middleton’s planning of a baby shower (the first ever for a royal baby—it's an American tradition, after all).