06.10.1312:15 PM ET

Komen CEO Nancy Brinker Under Fire Over Salary

Foundation's CEO pay in the spotlight just days after it cancels some of its 3-day walks.

More controversy for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Just days after the organization announced that it was canceling half of its 3-day walks this year, CEO Nancy Brinker is in the hot seat over a reported 64 percent raise in her salary since last year. In early 2012, the Komen Foundation first created waves with its announcement that it would stop funding for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood. Amid a firestorm of protests. Brinker reversed the decision, and by August announced she would be stepping down. But NBC reports that not only does Brinker still hold her post, but atx documents revealed that she netted an enormous raise, and now makes $684,000 a year. (Komen told NBC that the raise came prior to the controversy last year.) According to one NBC source, the salary is said to be "extremely high" for a charity and allegedly "more than the head of the Red Cross is making for an organization that is one-tenth the size of the Red Cross."