06.10.134:44 PM ET

Tweets From Hillary

The ‘Texts From Hillary’ creators talk about the former secretary of State's shout-out on her new Twitter account, and speculate about memes for 2016.

Hillary Clinton unveiled her official Twitter account today and her first tweet wasn’t about NSA or Apple’s keynote, but rather a thank you to none other than the creators of her much-beloved and very viral “Texts From Hillary” Tumblr.

The former secretary of State wrote in her first (and so far, only) tweet, “Thanks for the inspiration @ASmith83 and @sllambe—I’ll take it from here … #tweetsfromHillary."

About 5,600 retweets later (at last count) and Adam Smith, one of the founders, was in Hillary heaven. Clinton also made her profile photo the famous G6-ing Hillary meme photo itself.

“The first thing I thought to do was call my mom,” he said. Smith and his Texts From Hillary co-creator Stacy Lambe had the opportunity to meet Clinton last year as a result of the meme’s success. (“Hillz” even sent her very own submission to their Tumblr, causing the Internet to practically explode with chatter.) The duo ceased posting new information to the Tumblr account in April of this year, noting they wanted to stop while they were ahead.

What Smith enjoys about the Twitter account is that it really comes off as authentic. Embracing the meme, he said, shows that she is in on the joke—which didn’t quite end once the two stopped the upkeep on the “Texts From Hillary” Tumblr and Twitter.

“I think often people don’t come off as genuine,” he said.

Smith said he sees a large number of celebrities who have a publicist obviously tweeting for them, but in Clinton’s case it seems different.

Lambe was equally impressed. “I think it’s safe to say the @HillaryClinton won the Internet,” he said. “I never thought she’d mention us in her first tweet, let alone any. It’s an honor.”

The “Texts From Hillary” meme won the Internet, too. It inspired a Maureen Dowd column in The New York Times and netted more than 45,000 Tumblr followers, all because of a meme that started as a bar joke between Lambe and Smith. Before its run ended, it had spawned a host of memorable fantasy text exchanges between Clinton and other powerful politicians and celebrities, including Lambe’s personal favorite, “Brunch With Meryl,” and a Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl”.

But what’s in store if Clinton runs for presidency in 2016? The 2012 presidential election spun off its fair share of memorable memes, including Relatable Romney, Wizard Obama, and Binders Full of Women. Mix an already prominent meme with a run for presidency and an Internet sensation could very well be unleashed. Already, the pundits are parsing her Twitter bio, with its mention of pantsuits, hairstyles, shattered glass ceilings, and "wife and mother" right up front.

The creative duo doesn’t have any plans for meme-age of a potential Hillary 2016 run as of right now, but they wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Texts From Hillary’ was “alive and kicking in 2016,” Lambe said. “I’m happy to help Clinton make all new ones.”

As Lambe pointed out, "TBD” on her Twitter bio definitely points to something and hopefully that something is meme-tastic.