06.11.135:45 PM ET

The Push for Iran’s Fictional President

Vote4Zahra campaign gains international popularity.

Apparently, the people of Iran are frustrated enough with their political leaders to want a comic-book character to be the next president. There’s a campaign on Twitter to symbolically elect Zahra, the principal character in the online graphic novel Zahra’s Paradise, about a mother losing her son during the suppression of the Green Movement in 2009. The story was translated into 15 languages, and author Amir Soltani said that Zahar is “much more real than the current presidential candidates.” The website and Twitter account Vote4Zahar are updated three times a week with poll results, news from the campaign trail, and criticisms of real candidates. Rather surprisingly, Iranian authorities have done nothing to stop the site. At this point, Zahra may be the most iconic part of the election.