06.11.134:04 PM ET

Bruni: Sexism Still Rampant In America

Times op-ed writer notes "I somehow thought we'd be further along by now."

In a searing op-ed in the Times, Frank Bruni states the sad and the obvious: sexism is still alive and well in America today. Bruni notes "how often women are still victimized, how potently they’re still resented and how tenaciously a musty male chauvinism endures." Among his many examples: the enduring lack of equal representation for women in Congress, in corporate boardrooms, and as heroines in big blockbuster films. The predominantly male military brass who showed up at Senate hearings to discuss sexual assaults in the military and seemed to dismiss the seriousness of the attacks. The smaller advances paid to female writers. "On this front even more than the others," Bruni says, "I somehow thought we’d be further along by now." Join the club, Frank.