06.13.134:57 PM ET

Olsen Twins Turn 27

Happy birthday, Mary-Kate and Ashley.

From teeny-bopper icons to fashion icons, the Olsen twins have become America's favorite dynamic duo. The two celebrate their 27th birthday on June 13. The actresses made their name in film through the '90s and '00s with straight-to-VHS and TV movies, but of course they were known to millennials (and their parents) as the adorable Michelle Tanner on Full House. The Huffington Post looks at what we've learned from their stardom—from Passport to Paris to Billboard Dad. The sassy duo got in a wide variety of  adventures—from a plot in It Takes Two that resembled The Parent Trap to their shenanigans in Billboard Dad. But through their films these golden girls have taught us valuable lessons like "there are more important things in life than boys and the mall." Word.