06.13.1312:47 PM ET

Mills’s Dance Troupe MIA

Pole-dancing group has had sparse attendance this week.

There was not as much spinning, twirling, and legs-all-arounding at this week’s pole-dancing exercise class in Manoa, Hawaii. Lindsay Mills, longtime girlfriend of Edward Snowden, was missing from her workout this week, along with many of her pole-dancing friends. One of the founders of the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe said the performers were not showing up out of respect for her. Mills proclaimed herself a “world-traveling, pole-dancing superhero" on her blog, “L's journey.” Jugglers, a fire dancer, and other acrobats showed up, but no Mills. Journalists swarmed the scene looking for information—but Mills was nowhere to be found. We have a mystery woman on the loose.