06.16.133:05 PM ET

Be Nice to Your Waitress!

Six good reasons not to be rude the next time you dine out.

We’ve all been there: out for a nice (and possibly expensive) meal, and the waiter messes up. Maybe she brought you the wrong entrée, maybe you never got that refill on your chardonnay, and all you want to do is tell her off. But an ex-waitress at Hello Giggles is here with half a dozen good reasons to hold your tongue. Among the list are some clichés—maybe she’s having a bad day, and why would you want to mess with someone who could mess with your food? But the best and yet most oft-overlooked reason is the simplest: it’s just food. Chill out. You and your server (not to mention your dinner companions) will all have a better day if everyone stays calm.