06.16.132:34 PM ET

Blame Your Frizz on the Shower

Not your hair, say scientists.

You've been told for years that your hair will look nicer if you shampoo less often. Or maybe more often. Maybe you're not using the right kind of shampoo or proper rinse-and-lather technique? But scientists have found a new possibly culprit for split ends and flyaways, and it’s right in your shower. In fact, it is your shower: copper deposits in water pipes build up in hair over time, possibly causing damage to the cuticle, or outer layer, and leading to frizz, split ends, and dullness. The study analyzed strands of hair from 450 women worldwide, finding that most had around 20 to 200 atoms of copper per million molecules, although some levels were as high as 500 parts per million. So next time you wake up with a bad hair day, remember that your routine might not be at fault, and for this problem a plumber may be more useful than a stylist.