06.16.1312:47 PM ET

Texas Says ‘No’ to Equal Pay

Gov. Rick Perry vetoes law for state.

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was passed four years ago. Forty-two states have laws against gender-based wage discrimination. So why won't Rick Perry let Texas join in? The governor and former presidential hopeful vetoed a state-level equal-pay law on Friday—after the bill had successfully cleared both of the state's legislative houses. Gubernatorial staffers have tried to explain the reasoning behind the baffling veto, saying that equal pay was already covered by Lilly Ledbetter. But when confronted with the fact that this new legislation was supposed to not only make it easier to allege wage discrimination (in state court instead of at the federal level) but also plug state-level loopholes left open by Ledbetter, staffers will not comment. It looks like Perry's not doing any favors for the party accused of waging a war on women.