06.17.1312:04 PM ET

New Sex-Assault Cases Shock India

An alleged gang rape results in murder while a second woman recovers from her injuries after being molested at a concert.

Disturbing news of a new sexual assault in India broke Monday as protesters in Kolkata agitated over the reported gang rape and murder of a 20-year-old college student last week. In the former case, a woman was allegedly molested and assaulted during a musical event Saturday outside the venue in Kolkata. She is still recovering from the injuries, but has managed to tell authorities that a gang of men followed her outside, taunted her, and then pushed her down and abused her. A male collegue tried to help her, she said, but the men started beating both of them with helmets. The 23-year-old victim took the stage and used a performer’s microphone to ask for help from the audience, who helped chase down some of the alleged assailants. Indian lawmakers recently changed punishments for sex offenders, but a U.N. special envoy said these laws still don't go far enough.