Sex Slaves

06.17.1312:00 PM ET

No Reparations for WWII’s ‘Comfort Women’

Seven decades later, Filipinas kidnapped to be pimped out to Japanese soldiers have yet to hear an apology.

Many were only 13 or so when they were taken from their homes and marched across their country as sex slaves. The survivors, who still meet as a group called Lila Pilipina, are old enough to have a hard time remembering breakfast, but none have forgotten the horrors to which they were subjected. Yet these “comfort women” have never received the apology and reparations they seek. Even worse, last month the mayor of Osaka had the audacity to defend the crime. “For soldiers who risked their lives,” he said, “if you want them to get some rest, a comfort-women system was necessary.” The survivors are planning a rally for July 22 to tell their stories and articulate their demands.