06.17.133:24 PM ET

Why Men Are Dying Faster

They live more dangerous lifestyles.

The last man born in the 19th century died last week, but five women who saw the 1800s are still living. Why do women often outlive men? Not just to a ripe old age of 116, but in every single age bracket. While more boys are born all over the world, male babies die more often than female babies, adolescent boys die more than girls, middle-aged men die first, and so on and so on. It turns out that, apparently, women just make better lifestyle choices. Men, meanwhile, have more dangerous lifestyles: they go into combat, smoke and drink more, and often hold dangerous jobs or do dangerous activities in their spare time (like riding motorcycles without helmets). There are a few other suggestions as well as to why men die younger: some say their larger size puts them at a disadvantage; others point to innate male weakness or possibly testosterone.