06.18.134:14 PM ET

Women’s Magazines Not Taken Seriously?

In past 30 years, they haven’t received any ASME nominations.

Is there a place for “serious journalism” in women’s magazines? This is the question that Jessica Grose poses in New Republic, on the heels of a Port magazine cover story on “A New Golden Age” that features only male editors. These are the facts: No women’s magazines have been nominated for profile writing in more than a decade, even though comparable lad mags like GQ and Esquire have. No women’s magazines have received nominations in reporting for the American Society of Magazine Editors in the past 30 years. And no women’s magazines have received an ASME nod for fiction in the past 20 years. Grose notes that publications like Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, and ELLE may have ceased printing long-form literary articles because of both shifting ad placement and decreased interest level. But as writer Janet Reitman said, “The reality is, and continues to be, that the women who write those stories are ghettoized into the women’s magazine ghetto.”