06.19.1311:21 AM ET

Women’s Role in SOCOM Unclear

Special Ops is weighing whether female soldiers will be admitted.

Most military combat jobs could be open to women by 2016, according to plans released by the Pentagon on Tuesday, but it’s not yet clear whether women will be fully integrated into elite Special Operations units. Maj. Gen. Bennet Sacolick of the U.S. Special Operations Command Force Management Directorate “admitted that SOCOM has concerns about letting women into its elite ranks because their units are often small teams working in remote areas,” ABC News reported. The command is undertaking several studies on the impact of integration before making final recommendations to the secretary of Defense in 2015. Still, Sacolick said that intellect is increasingly more important than physical strength in elite units and that there’s a need for recruits who can speak foreign languages and operate in culturally alien environments. “The days of Rambo are over,” he said.