06.20.1312:20 PM ET

Hackers Webcam Spy On Women

Young girls are targeted.

Webcams can help connect you to a lost college roommate or family member or can be a call home from a foreign country. But these cameras may also be an unsettling invitation for hackers to watch you. Hackers are now sending out an Internet virus, which gives them access to a computer without the users’ knowledge, in a process named “rattling.” While these people target young women, pedophiles also “rattle” to target children with computers in their rooms. The virus will be disguised as a link to a photo,to  music, to diet tips or to celebrity stories. One London 16-year-old said he had hacked more than 100 computers and one 36-year-old father served jail time after watching dozens of women on their computers, including 16-year-old girls.