Capitol Hill

06.20.136:54 PM ET

Encouraging Female Immigrants

Thirteen female senators band together to introduce women-friendly amendment to reform bill.

In an effort to attract voters to the immigration bill now on the Senate floor, two lead sponsors—Democratic Senators Patty Murray of Washington State and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii—have introduced a new amendment in the hopes of framing immigration as a women’s issue. Thirteen female Senators from both sides of the aisle have proposed a merit system that  would hopefully make it easier for foreign women to come to the U.S. Supporters on Tuesday also organized a blitz on Capitol Hill to lobby the government to make immigration more fair to women, who often do not have the same career or occupational opportunities abroad that men do. Among other things, the bill would open up more visas for females in the health care professions, in order to fill a chronic shortage in the States.