Your Turn

06.21.134:45 AM ET

Seeking Reader Stories About Domestic Abuse

With Nigella Lawson’s run-in with domestic abuse in the news this week, The Daily Beast seeks your voice. Submit a short story of how you’ve encountered domestic abuse.

You read about it in the news, you see the reports on television, but rarely do you share your side of domestic abuse. For a new project, editors of The Daily Beast want you to hear your story about domestic abuse in your life. We’ll then publish the most compelling submissions on the website at a later date. (Note: these will be anonymous—unless you tell us otherwise.)

Victimization by violence induces shame, trauma, and unhappiness. These are often the most private and internalized of feelings. The very personal nature of domestic abuse only amplifies this truth. Sharing the horror of such nightmares takes enormous courage and can help destigmatize these awful experiences and change lives for the better.

We encourage those of you who would like to tell your own story to please do so using the anonymous form below. If you leave your email or phone, we may contact you as you request to hear more about your story—this contact information won’t be made public or shared in any way (we promise). If you want to submit video, audio, or photos in addition to words, you can email files or links to [email protected]. If you need guidance, follow these how-tos on uploading to YouTubeVimeo, and SoundCloud.