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06.22.134:45 AM ET

FeministTaylorSwift and the Best Twitter Parodies

Kanye and T-Swift have had their beef, but now they have something in common—they both have a feminist spinoff Twitter account. And they aren’t the only ones with hilarious alter egos —from a fake Michael Bay to a faux Tilda Swinton, we bring you the most hilarious of the mock-up celebrity Twitter world.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which celebrity Twitter accounts are bogus and which is the real McCoy. But sometimes those parody accounts end up being more entertaining than their celeb counterparts. "FeministTaylorSwift" (@feministtswift) is the newest in celebrity parody fame—taking tips from the ever-hilarious “Feminist Kanye” and “Feminist Hulk.” (Imma let you finish Kanye but Taylor has the best feminist account of all time.) The formula is simple—take one part Taylor Swift lyric, one part generic women equality statement, and stir: “Happy. Free. Confused. Oppressed by the patriarchy. At the same time.” And: “We’ve got bills to pay. We’ve got nothing figured out. But you and I can work to pay those bills and regard each other as equals.”

But what other accounts bring the LOLs when it comes to parodies? The Daily Beast rounds up the best in celebrity spinoffs.

1. @justin_buber

Though the man or woman behind the curtain only tweets on a mere monthly basis it seems, the idea of combining the philosophical ramblings of Martin Buber with the “If I Was Your Boyfriend”–ness of Bieber is brilliant. Armed with a Bieber beard in its Twitter photo, the @justin_buber account brings a side of Bieber we could have never imagined. With tweets like “I bear within me the sense of Self, that is not included in the world. I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe,” the mash-up pleases anyone who enjoys irony in its deepest form. We only wish Martin Buber had some wisdom for Bieber on his current trajectory toward a very downward spiral.


2. @FillWerrel

The face of anger that tops this Twitter feed is one only seen when sweet Baxter gets punted off a bridge by a “bad man” in Anchorman or while declaring to “Keep your liver-spotted hands” off his beautiful mother in Step Brothers. So what does this account have to do with the real Will Ferrell? Mostly nothing, but it’s still funny. The account has amassed over 200,000 followers and quotes the eloquent Ferrell’s sayings that have penetrated a generation like, “Boats N Hoes,” but also original ideas such as “Kidnapping is such a strong word … I prefer the term ‘surprise adoption.’” We just have one question: I’m Ron Burgundy?


3. @BettyFckinWhite

Betty White is up on pop culture. Well, fake Betty White—specifically, @BettyFckinWhite. Her profile declares, “I’m on the Twitter,” per her fantastic quote in The Proposal. But this ode to Betty declares her as a badass and shows Betty’s alter ego really gives zero sh*ts about other celebrities. Feelings on Miss Utah, fake Betty? “In her defense, Miss Utah gave the same answer I saw a contestant give on ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ and that girl won!” And on Kimye: “What if Kim and Kanye named their baby Paula Deen? Then we all win.”


4. @NotTindaSwinton

@NotTildaSwinton is a deep thinker who feeds on nature and “a collection of energy.” It’s a mix of a Robert Frost poem and the statements of a vegan at a steakhouse. Swinton’s spoof will make you uncomfortable—in the way you feel when a stranger licks his lips at you. For instance, this tweet, “Stand nude in front of a window. When a neighbor glances up at you, simply press the palm of your hand against the glass and silently roar.”


5. @ZooeyAsksSiri

Inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s role in an iPhone commercial (which obviously played up her ability to make you think she’s really cute and that she thinks about your death at the same time), @ZooeyAsksSiri takes the New Girl star and creates questions that she would probably ask Siri. Tweets sent moments between each other depict that Zooey’s fake mind can move from one topic to the next in a matter of seconds. She asks “Siri, is there a museum of cool looking cans anywhere?” but also, “Siri, make a note: ‘Nacho Business.’” So cute and so curious.


6. @michael_bay_

The real Michael Bay is known for blowing stuff up and going to extremes. Sometimes, it’s impossible to focus during Transformers because it’s so stressful machines just knocked down a national monument of sorts. Faux Michael Bay plays by the same rules. He fake tweets, “Intern, pour 6 more bottles of 92 Dom Perignon on the Sauna coals. This hangover isn’t going to cure itself” and “Whoa, sorry, I had NO idea that Pomeranians were that flammable.” Best of all? Barack Obama’s verified, official account follows. So either a member of the PR staff enjoys over-the-top humor or Barack rely enjoys himself some Optimus Prime.


7. @queen_uk

For the parody queen, it’s always “gin-o-clock.” The fake queen manages to give up all she’s learned about royal English and fall straight down the spectrum to more of an Austin Powers (yeah, baby!) tone. From her drinking escapades to other non-queenly activities the queen is “on it like a bonnet.” She takes gin baths and wears her “drinking pants” on Fridays. Oh the lap of luxury.


8. @feministtaylorswift

The Taylor version of Rosie the Riveter thinks a great deal about rape culture, patriarchal oppression and equal pay. “You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me. But you are never, ever, ever going to shame me for my romantic history,” the Swift parody says. But this whole account is just so far-fetched. I mean, let’s be real, Taylor has never had a problem with a man!